Dear Ella

Dear baby Ella, 

First, let me tell you. Your moms are strong. Their labor to bring you earthside began before you were conceived. Their support team had your back the whole way through baby girl. You are so loved. 

After weeks of prodromal labor. I got a phone call in the middle of the night. Things were getting intense and you were on your way to meet the world. I quickly grabbed my things and drove quietly to the pink palace, or St. Francis as some people call it. 

When I arrived, your mom had gotten an epidural and both of your moms were cracking jokes and telling stories with your entourage of family and friends. You see, your birth was a huge deal to so many people Ella. Can you believe that? I can. 

s you can see, I immediately started photographing as you started to descend. 

We began to realize that things weren't as urgent as your mommies had thought. So we took it easy, and everyone in the room started to fall quiet. 

Some time passed and breakfast was had by almost all. Your mama was working hard to meet you and couldn't eat. She didn't complain once. She was so excited to meet you that food was the last thing on her mind. The morning sun started to rise over Tulsa. Today would be your day baby girl. 

It wasn't long after breakfast that your mama was ready to push! A wave of emotions came over everyone in the room. After over 14 hours, you were ready to come play! Excitement, love and a little bit of fear spread over the room. See Ella, your OB mentioned several times that you were a big girl. So, as the room buzzed, I stopped to talk to your mama while your auntie Jaymie took this shot. 

You're mama is a powerful lady Ella. On an empty stomach, and little to no sleep, she pushed, and pushed, and pushed.


And guess who was there every step of the way...

After quite a long time, it was obvious that you had your own plans. Your mama was exhausted and you just weren't coming. You were pretty crooked (Asynclitic) 

It was time. Your moms made the decision to move forward with a cesarean. Once the decision was made, things moved quickly. The excitement for your arrival never faded. 

Your mom was unnerved. But your support team stepped in and helped ease her mind while her girls were getting prepped. She is one strong lady, Ella. 

It wasn't long before you were all reunited. Your mamas have an unwavering bond that instantly calmed the room. 

A few minutes later... It was your time to shine! 

The room erupted! Everyone said "WOAH"! You sure are a big girl Ella! Dr. Rapp called you a "two hander." Absolutely gorgeous. What lucky mamas you have. They quickly checked you over and it was time for introductions. 

You were perfect. With perfect toes and a little dimple in your chin. Your mom kept you snuggled up tight until your mama could be with you again.

Your mom's instinct set in as she shushed you back to sleep. And soon, all three of you were together again. 


Happy birthday baby Ella. May you be loved and cherished everyday, like your birth day. 



Taryn Starkey