The end of a chapter.


Planning for the end of your childbearing years can be a challenge. Logistically, as well as, emotionally. Your womb has carried life and whether or not you are excited to be rid of it, you may consider a support person like a doula to help with the details. I use my unique doula skills to care for and provide unbiased care to my clients, whatever that may be. 

I can help you with this process, procedure, and recovery. 


I can help you with many of the following things:

  • Processing through your emotions as you get ready for your procedure. 
  • Getting a plan set in place for the day of and following your surgery. 
  • Talking to you about what to expect. 
  • Helping you with a packing list. 
  • Helping around the house during your recovery. 
  • Being a support person for you while your partner takes care of the children.
  • Offering support for whatever you're feeling about this change.