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 If you have a schedule that makes group classes difficult, or you just feel more comfortable asking intimate questions in your home. Try a private class! Ask about discounts when booking more than one class or when delivering with a preferred provider. 

PRIVATE CHILDBIRTH $200: This course is broken into 2, 90 minutes sessions that will help you envision, prepare for, and achieve the birth you want. 

PRIVATE BREASTFEEDING $90: A 60 minute course to help you prepare your space, body, and mind for a breastfeeding journey that you feel confident taking. 

PRIVATE NEWBORN $125:   A 90 minute course that will help you prepare for a smooth transition into parenting your newest addition. From postpartum recovery, to swaddling and infant soothing techniques. You'll be completely prepared for your new arrival. (180 of 202).jpg


Belly binding is the practice of wrapping the postpartum torso in a long soft fabric to help aid in recovery time, core support, and abdominal wall healing. Ideally done on day 5 after birth, but can help even after 6 weeks if a cesarean was needed. 

Binding Session Includes: 1 hand made muslin belly wrap, and an in person instruction session in wrapping.  



Looking for someone to stop by and help around the house, or show you how to use that baby carrier? Maybe just someone to talk to and let you take a shower and a nap while they make lunch and wash bottles. Whatever your needs are, a postpartum doula can help.  

DAYTIME SUPPORT $100: At $25 an hour with a 4 hour minimum, allow me to come help and support you with your needs as a new parent. Be it house care, wrapping, lactation, emotional support, or needing a break. 

OVERNIGHT SUPPORT $350: 10 hours, overnight to let you rest. Have the baby brought to you for feedings and let me take care of anything else that needs done.