Frequently Asked Questions About Birth Photography

What if my partner/mom/sister is going to take photos? Do I really need a birth photographer?

It depends on what you are looking for. A few snapshots of the baby, or an artistic view of the process? The training I've had and the birth experience I posses allow me to tell a photo journalistic perspective. When hiring a professional, you KNOW what you'll get. Details, and connections captured in high quality images.

When having a person there taking photos that is emotionally attached to you, you run into a couple of hurdles. If the person that is taking pictures has an important role in your story, there will be no evidence of that because they will be taking the photos. Almost always, family members get too excited and either take pictures that are not usable or don't remember to take them at all. (ask me how I know, lol) Even if the person you have has good equipment and photography experience, they may not have the birth knowledge to capture the images you're wanting. Much of my training allows me to assess situations and make decisions quickly and often. Also, in the event of a cesarean, it is more likely that I would be allowed into the OR to take photos over a family member because I have developed a professional relationship with the staff.


What if I call you at 2AM?

I'll be there! Being on call is one of the reason's birth photography is more expensive than other types of photography. You're paying me to miss plays, and birthday parties. To keep my phone close, and my equipment ready to fly out the door at a moment's notice. 


Will your be able to photograph my Cesarean?

In the Tulsa area, I have never been turned away from a non-emergent belly birth. If you know that you'll need a belly birth, it's important to talk to your OB soon and often. The person who has the last call on permitting me into the OR is the anesthesiologist. We won't have that information until the day of your birth. However, in the event of an emergency cesarean, or non-permittance into the OR; I am still able to capture an incredible birth story. Moments leading up to your birth, and in the hours during recovery when bonding with your baby. Your story is important to tell no-matter how it reads. 


What if I don't want crowning images? 

In the weeks leading up to your birth, we will talk about what you are comfortable with and what moments you are looking forward to having captured. If you prefer not to have any images below the waist, I can work with that and still tell an amazing account of the day.


My partner doesn't see the need for birth photography, how can I convince them?

The best way to convince your partner of the importance of photography is by setting up an in person consultation and letting me answer all of the questions and concerns they might have. Many partners are just being protective, and who can blame them?

 For those that are trying to understand the value of photography. Start by showing them images of other partners captured so they can get more comfortable with the idea. You can also let them know that they won't have to worry about taking photos and can focus more on you and your baby's needs. In addition to having images to go with the story you tell your children and grandchildren about the day you had your baby. 


When do you arrive?

I arrive at the onset of active labor. So, generally when contractions are at least 5 minutes apart, lasting a minute long for about an hour. This is a general idea, every labor is different, so it is important for you or your partner to keep me in the loop in the days leading up to your birth. 


How long do you stay?

I typically stay for 1-2 hours after birth to capture first feedings, and weight and length. As well as, partner snuggling baby or siblings meeting baby, if the moment arrises. 


How many images will you take?

My goal is to tell YOUR story. If your labor was short, then you may not have as many photos as a longer labor. But be assured that you will have a cohesive collection of images. as a general idea, I typically range between 75-150+ images.


How long will it take to get my gallery?

I will typically send you a few images within the first 48 hours, so that you can use them to announce your newest arrival. Your full gallery should be ready within 3-6 weeks depending on the number of photos taken. 


What if you miss my birth?

I absolutely love my job and want to be at your birth. But we are human and things happen. In the event that an emergency arises, or FAST labor happens, I'll still come to your birth and tell your story. I'll stay and capture close to the same images that you would have, had you labored longer. Then as a gift to you, I'll offer a fresh 48 session or lifestyle session. 


Do I have to share the images you take?

I truly believe that sharing real, raw, stunning images of birth has contributed to lessening the fear surrounding birth in the United States. EVERY part of birth and EVERY part of you is beautiful. However, I'll never share any images that you haven't approved. 


Can I ask you to stop taking photos?

Absolutely! As a birth worker I respect your space. If at any point you need to be alone or would like for me to stop documenting, I will. No questions asked. 


Will you be using flash?

I am very careful not to disrupt the birth space. Some clients have mentioned not even realizing I was there. I can work in very low light situations. However, in VERY dark places, it is best to use flash. I am not normally flashing away, but taking intentional images as infrequently as possible to insure a calm birth environment. 


How far do you travel?

I travel up to 2 hours outside of the Tulsa area. If you have a history of precipitous birth, that may change. I am also happy to offer recommendations for other photographers in your area. 


Have more questions? I'm happy to help.