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It is my wish for each family that desires, the ability to obtain birth services. Although, with all that comes with a new baby, the expenses can add up. We register for the crib, sling, clothes etc... Why not add birth support, placenta encapsulation, or the incredible moments captured in birth photography to a registry? Now you can. Allow your family and friends to contribute to something much more meaningful than a onesie. At absolutely no extra fee, my clients enjoy a complimentary registry should they choose to have one.  Interested? Fill out the form below to request a listing or to learn more about registries.

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Current Open Registries


Registry for Carma and Michael Jones

Due December 2017

We have been blessed that Valor and Vance will be so close in age, so we have most of the items we will need once Vance is born. It is important to us that we get to have guidance and support through this birth, and that we get to capture the amazing experience. Any contribution you could make towards us having a birth doula/photographer would be deeply appreciated! We love you all!

Percentage Paid 13%

This registry will expire on November 30th. The percentage of the package that has been paid will be updated every 24-48 hours. Please send this contribution as a friends and family payment so that the full amount will be applied to the balance. Be sure to add a note to the family, as they will be notified when a contribution has been made.