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It is my wish for each family that desires, the ability to obtain birth services. Although, with all that comes with a new baby, the expenses can add up. We register for the crib, sling, clothes etc... Why not add birth support, placenta encapsulation, or the incredible moments captured in birth photography to a registry? Now you can. Allow your family and friends to contribute to something much more meaningful than a onesie. At absolutely no extra fee, my clients enjoy a complimentary registry should they choose to have one.  Interested? Fill out the form below to request a listing or to learn more about registries.

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Registry for Baby Sloan Clay

We are so excited to have Taryn as our Photographer and Doula. Having pictures to remember this special season of our lives will be absolutely priceless. And having the added emotional and physical support of a doula throughout the planning and birthing process is really important to us as well. Any help towards the cost of having her there with us is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your support!!

When you send a contribution, please leave us a note so that we can thank you!


The Clay Family


As a Stillbirthday Doula and Silas Program Photographer. I donate my services to families that have had to say hello and goodbye to their little ones all at once. If you would like to donate towards resource booklets, premie size clothing, gas, and childcare so that I may offer my services more often, please contribute here.