Ryan Eller- I was unsure about getting a Doula during the birth of our second child, Caleb. After having Taryn in the room with us during delivery I now would recommend Taryn to be in the room with every parent having a child. 
She is not only kind and thoughtful of our needs and wants, she empowered us to make healthy and appropriate choices during the entire process. She is knowledgeable, thorough, creative, and supportive. I could not recommend her services enough (and she took some awesome photos as well!)

Emily Emmons-I'm so glad I had Taryn at my birth. She kept me calm through all my concerns and kept my head on straight when I started to doubt my plan. She made it so I have positive feelings and memories about my birth. She did everything I needed plus some! When I thought I couldn't do it anymore she kept me calm and gave me the reassurance I needed. Not to mention the photos she took of us are amazing!

Michelle Mattson- I had Taryn at my daughter's birth yesterday as her photographer but she went way beyond that! When my pain medication completely failed she was the one who stepped in to help get me into a position that relieved a lot of the pain I was experiencing. She taught my husband how to apply pressure to my back, helped with machines and cords, and when things got really intense too fast she was the level headed one who made it clear the baby was coming now and she helped get the nurses into the room. Taryn has a gift of keeping people calm and she never once hesitated to help me when she didn't have to do anything extra. She is nothing short of amazing and I will always be grateful for the help she gave me yesterday.

Courtney Lee- Taryn was amazing Doula and photographer. She provided just the right balance of support and encouragement while still making it feel like it was just my Fiance and I. She had great suggestions with out ever being pushy and she really did her best to create the birth environment I desired. I wasn't ready for her to leave after the birth! And the video and created of the labor and birth was phenomenal!

Shannan Williams- I hired Taryn to be my hysterectomy doula. And she has been amazing. She has supported both the logistics of scheduling a major surgery when I have 3 young children AND the emotional aspects of saying goodbye to my uterus. She was there to support me at the hospital as I prepared for surgery, and she has visited me at the hospital to provide support for pain and healing. Her support has made this process so much easier. And I'm really grateful for her.

Brittany Chavez- Taryn has a beautiful ability to capture emotion. The gift of birth photography is one that you will not regret! It's a service you will cherish for years to come.

Sarah Rabe-

Taryn was my doula and birth photographer! she is absolutely amazing at what she does! I always think back to how she helped me during pregnancy and labor then I'm reminded that I would've given up if it wasn't for her... she would watch me and when I started contracting she was behind me doing something with my back.. but all I remember was my husband and focusing on his support and my contractions and the pain got to me and I would instantly start to feel panicky and like I wouldn't be able to go through it and as soon as she put her hands on my back I felt instant relief.. Idk if it was just her being there that helped calm me and for me to make it or if it was her technique or both.. but I will definitely need her there when we have more babies later on I can't imagine her not being there. 

That's not the only thing she did either... I remember me and her were talking right as soon as I found out I was pregnant. We had never talked before, but she was there from the hard month of going and getting ultrasounds thinking we lost another baby but a few days before Christmas (I got my positive on dec 1st ish ) and they finally saw our baby and saw the heartbeat.Immediately after that I messaged Taryn telling her (she was there for me over the messenger with each test and ultrasound) but omg she was absolutely amazing in the birth room... talking to me , encouraging me, helping me get my baby's head engaged into the pelvis and a bunch of other amazing stuff. She always asked what I wanted and informed me then let me decide and helped me achieve my decision. Even when I was desperate and wanted my midwife to break my water because I was at like 9 cm and was to tired and worn out. Even though I didn't originally want interventions, Taryn kept fully supporting me .. I remember her huge smile. And that gave me a huge sense of relief to have my baby safe In my arms and no more pain. At one point I was like nope I'm done, no more pushing I don't want to do it anymore my midwife was like you can do this! The two of them worked in sync with supporting me, it was so amazing.


Angel Sharpe-

Taryn isn't just an incredible photographer, she's an amazing person as well. Love our photos, and she made us feel like family!

Ashley Stecher-

I wouldn't have made it through without my Doula, Taryn Starkey for my home birth. My husband had ZERO to do with labor or delivery (he was literally mowing the lawn for a portion of it). Labor was long and hard and Taryn was the ONLY reason I made it through. She was the best doula AND "husband!" I can not recommend her enough.Labor was long and hard and she helped me with so many different pain management techniques and kept me grounded throughout. She also does birth classes in home...which is awesome. It's one thing preparing for the birth process with videos and info but having someone with the experience to guide me though labor before the midwife took over for delivery was invaluable...especially with it being my first. 

Gena Kirby-

Holy smokes. I am so beyond impressed with talent this woman brought to our event. I knew I was going to get great shots of the event, but I am walking away just utterly impressed. I feel like the intuition that this, Taryn, brought was sheer magic. I really could not be happier, truly.

Alicia Jemmett-

She is wonderful, works great with kids (I have 4 now) and they didn't want to leave her alone. :) During labor she was always ready to offer a suggestion or answer a question, but she was never overbearing or intrusive. She was intuitive with ways to increase my comfort and took the initiative. Taryn is always looking for more knowledge and I was able to add mine from a past midwife to her skill set. After delivery when there was something to do she helped or saw that it was done, so we could focus on the important things.