Why Hire A Doula?


My job as a doula is to help you make tough decisions by giving you evidence based information and supporting you in the vision you have for your birth and postpartum journey. I'm here to offer physical support during labor and delivery. I'll be there to encourage and assure you during the process and I can fill in the spaces between where healthcare and family meet, in order to make sure that someone's got your back at all times. 

A positive birth experience can catapult a family into a stress free transition when adding another member to the family. Parents who have a positive, well supported birth experience reported having an easier time breastfeeding, and bonding with their new baby(ies) after birth.  Partners report feeling less stressed, and more able to focus on helping their loved one through the birthing process. 

From home birth to scheduled cesarean, I am dedicated to working with your birth team in order to create a soothing environment that will positively impact how your family will make the transition. 

As your doula, I agree to be as transparent, authentic and honest in my representation of my personal and professional experiences as possible. I promise to serve your family by slowing down, validating, then providing options and supplementing resources.

You can find more information and statistics about the benefits of a doula HERE.