5 Tips for an Easier Transition Into Life With a Newborn


By: Jessica Thrasher

It's tough to be a parent in today’s culture. Expectations are set higher, while support from extended family and community is on the decline. Here are some real plain tips from a fellow mom to keep your home in order while your family grows:

GET A PLANNER- Honestly, it sounds simple...but it will be a lifesaver. When did you talk to that Dr? Did you pay the electric bill? What side did the baby nurse on last? All these things can be kept in a planner and you will have at least ONE solid place in you life that you know whats going on. Invest in yourself and your family, get a cute one. a durable real life one. Not only will it help you in the now, but years from now...you can look back and actually fill out those baby books because you will have written about the time your youngest's tooth finally popped through.

WHEN PEOPLE OFFER TO HELP, SAY YES -There are people who have the time and energy to do things a new mommy cant. Let grandpa put the crib together. Let your neighbor pick up the eldest from school. Don't think you have to do it all. Others have the time and energy to do things a new mommy can't, let them serve you and when the time comes you can return the love.

  • LEARN TO CONSIGNMENT SHOP- You don't need a million toys, just like 5 awesome ones. There is so much baby stuff brand new at these sales. I do Rhea Lana for my three kids (10,6,4) and I at least break even every sale. It also forces me to go through the kids things for the upcoming season, and gives me incentives to make money.
  • MAKE THE PICKING UP PROCESS A HABIT- Learn to clean as you go. Having pop-up wipes handy in each bathroom makes it easier to do a quick wipe down, Keep buckets, baskets, or bins in each room so that you can throw in toys or clutter. Minimize your belongings. Let the older kids do simple chores like vacuuming, or dusting. It doesn't have to be perfect. 
  • SELF CARE IS A MUST-Don't bite off more than you can chew, aim low at life, at least for the first few weeks. You are under no obligation to anyone. Enjoy your family. 

Realize that a growing family means changes in your life, as well as everyone's life in your household. One resource many moms overlook is housecleaning services. While hiring help may seem like a luxury, many affordable services are available. Whether your looking for someone to get your home ready for baby, or you are knee deep in your three year old's toys-hiring a professional can lighten your load.New moms have more important things to do than scrub toilets and wipe down mirrors. A reliable professional housekeeper is one way to make motherhood less overwhelming and free up time to enjoy every moment with your new baby. 


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