When love is tripled, a story of a single mother and her naturally conceived triplets.

Amber Feland is a single mother living in east Tulsa. We first met online, and I could tell immediately that, despite her challenges, she was genuinely happy to be carrying three little miracles. She was quick to invite me into her world so that I could share her story. 

Amber was very honest in telling me that it hadn't been an easy start. 

I was shocked, terrified, and amazed. I honestly don’t have the words to adequately describe it.

Having recently been engaged to a man who left her just a week before she found out she was pregnant. Amber wasn't sure what to think. She reached out to her community. A group of women on Facebook. It wasn't long after that she was met with many congratulations and help. From donations of baby swings to encouragement. Amber started to feel like she could do this. 

With family and friends at her side, Amber has been able to have a the support she needs to mother her older 2 children, and have a relatively healthy pregnancy. Some of the challenges she has faced have been the separation from her fiance, moving in with her cousin, being on bed rest, finding rides to her appointments, changing her OB at around 20 weeks, one of the triplets having a 2 vessel cord, measuring past 40 weeks at only 22 weeks (we all have an idea of how uncomfortable that must be) and the stress of likely having three babies in the NICU. 

As Amber approaches V Day (24 weeks, or viability day) She is more and more excited to meet her babies. She is feeling "surprisingly good!", other than some hip pain, and is more confident in herself and her ability to mother these babies with the team she has to help her. 

When Amber asked me to be there to photograph the birth of her triplets, I was honored and thrilled to be a part of this amazing story of perseverance, love, community, and strength. She said:

This is such a rare occurrence that I would absolutely LOVE for it to be documented through pictures.

I can't wait to share more of her story as the time comes. Please leave a comment of encouragement for Amber and if you would like to make a contribution to her birth and newborn photography package please click the button below.