YBE Doula Training Retreat

I was so fortunate to be invited and able to attend the VERY FIRST Your Birth Experience Doula Training Retreat.. 

Having known Missy for a couple of years and having taken her YBE Childbirth Education course, I knew that I would be in for 5 days of personal growth and learning. I'm not talking about sitting in a room listening to someone blabber for hours on end. I mean REAL and CHALLENGING work. 

The first day alone was enough to fill my doula cup with encouragement, emotional tools, and knowledge. So you can image that by day 5, my cup had turned into a bathtub that was overflowing. 

The wonderful and sweet Tab Moura came and spoke with us about personality types, and how to protect our hearts in this sometimes draining work that we do as doulas and educators. She had some really great analogies that helped a visual and tactical learner like me understand some of the concepts she spoke on. 

This doula training was unlike any other I have taken. It was truly a retreat. We were able to stay at the Dream Point Ranch right outside of Tulsa, with gorgeous views of the fall foliage. We attended a local labyrinth, ate some delicious food, went horseback riding , and took a group yoga class. It was good for my soul to be surrounded by others who truly understand the challenges and joys of my profession. 

I know it totally looks like we just hung out and played, but this training was JAM PACKED with knowledge. We came away from the week with a full doula and postpartum doula training, AND new breastfeeding class and infant class curriculum. It was AMAZING! 

My favorite part was meeting some of the beautiful souls I would have never known had I not attended this retreat. I was truly honored to bare witness to so much personal growth, and to befriend such caring, intelligent, and unique individuals. A week I will hold dear for many years.

Thank you Dream Point Ranch and the Durham's for having us at your beautiful home. Thank you Missy Boudiette for putting together an amazing training. Thanks to Kirsty and Jeri for always remembering the little details. Thanks Ash for those warm hugs, and Amber for the AMAZING massage. Thank you Sylwinn for the knowledge you brought us. And a huge thanks to Bergen for taking some great headshots of me between activities! What a wonderful week it was and I am so thankful to have been a part of it. 

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