Gabriel | A Tulsa, OK Home Birth | Madell Midwifery

Dear Gabriel, 

I first got a text on November 12 at 4:11 AM that your mother had been having some contractions most of the night. So all day, I was wondering if it would be your birthday. Then another text about 12 hours later. "Things haven't really progressed anymore, contractions all day but not getting any closer together." 

That's when I decided to go to bed early incase you decided to make a early morning appearance. It wasn't more than an hour later when I got the call from Heather that you were ready to meet the world! I needed to get there FAST. 


When I arrived, your beautiful mother was in the water intensely focused on guiding you here. Your father was within her reach at all times offering his love and support. Your sister was helping along the way and asking midwife Heather all of her questions.  


And within minutes of my arrival you were ready to be born into your father's arms. 


What a wonderful day it was! Your father passed you back into your mothers embrace as you made a cry. You were here sweet boy! 


The room was filled with joy as your sister and father looked you over. 


Your midwife, Heather and her assistant, Ashley made sure you and your mother were taken care of and tucked away at home. What a beautiful and peaceful way to enter this world. 


Happy Birthday Gabriel, may your life be as joyful as your birth. 

Thank you, Madell Midwifery, for your expert care and guidance.