Solomon's Last Latch

Megan says, "I got pregnant with my first and kind of assumed breastfeeding was this beautiful natural process I didn't need to study or read up on. Well my baby came and it was almost more painful to breastfeed than it was to birth him. We didn't last long before we stopped and moved to formula."

"So when I got pregnant with my second baby I hired a doula and a internationally board certified lactation consultant. I was determined this time I was going to do it. It was going so so good. No pain, he was gaining weight all was right with the world. Until he stopped gaining weight. "

"For almost two months he was just maintaining or losing weight. He screamed all the time. The doctor said it was colic but I had a feeling it was something else. I made the hard decision to stop breastfeeding him because I felt like he was hungry and unhappy. We switched to formula and he immediately became a different child. He was happy and thriving finally."


"Breastfeeding isn't always natural, and it's not always best. It was hard to put everything I had read and worked so hard to achieve on the back burner, but ultimately he was starving. Always listen to your gut. Your momma gut is almost never wrong. Trust that. And just feed your baby."


"I'm so happy Taryn asked me if I wanted to have these photos. I had to have a hysterectomy due to a adenomyosis and endometriosis, so he will be my very last baby I nurse. I will never get to have that moment again, but now I have it forever in a picture."


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